Therapeutic Sober Housing in South Florida

Lake Worth, FL
The Foundation is a supportive, therapeutic, sober residence for people in early recovery who still need monitoring as they practice the skills needed for continued sobriety. Unlike sober living, halfway or transitional housing, we provide a therapeutic environment that is more conducive to continued sobriety. [more]

What Makes Us Different From Other Sober Homes?

  • Licensed Mental Health Professional and Certified Addiction Professional on staff
  • Weekly support led by a licensed therapist
  • Goal Setting, Treatment Plans and Relapse Prevention plans for each resident
  • Six month short-term life plan
  • Continued Care plan review and adherence
  • Family Education and Involvement through Family Sessions
  • Certified Vocational Counselor to provide career guidance based on the needs of the client
  • Provide access to Community Services
  • Reward residents when the community operates effectively as a whole

We look forward to being a part of your journey into recovery!

Disclaimer: The Foundation, LLC is not affiliated with, or in any way associated with the organization known as "New Foundations Living".

The Foundation, LLC